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St. Kevin’s Bell told the time across the Glencree Valley (1859)

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Volunteers Needed

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Glencree Peace Walk

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Stories from St. Kevin’s Reformatory

St. Kevin’s Reformatory operated in Glencree from 1859-1940.  We invite anyone with memories of it, former relatives, teachers, caretakers, workers, who had association to come and share it’s history.

This event is the start of an exploration of the historic heritage of the Glencree Centre with particular […]

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Annual Report 2017

The Annual Report illustrates once again, the ever increasing level of activity across all of the programmes in Glencree. During the course of the year, programme staff were involved in areas of work ranging from Cultural Integration, Working with Women, Legacy of Violence, Peace Education and Political Dialogue.

We would like

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IHREC Follow-up Event

On the 18th April we held a seminar in the IHREC entitled, ‘Deepening Understanding of Human Rights and Equality for the Muslim Communities of Ireland’.  This was a very well attended event as was today’s follow-up here at Glencree Centre.  Today, we delved further to continue our exploration and discussion of these very important key […]

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Visiting Artist Dr. Christina Henri

Dr Christina Henri is currently visiting Ireland from Hobart, Tasmania. Her work involves highlighting the lives of impoverished women who were deported to Australia and Tasmania from across the island of Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland. Many were sent before and after the Famine in Ireland. To signify the women and babies who sometimes died […]

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Interview with Pat Hynes and Rev. Gary Mason for Focal Point (Community TV Station)

Pat Hynes – Legacy team Glencree, with Rev. Gary Mason of Rethinking Conflict, discuss the complexities of peace making and toxic theologies in the video link below:

‘We need to deal with the ghosts of religious sectarianism and nationalistic sectarianism that have dogged this island for centuries, otherwise they come back to bite us’….Gary Mason

‘The journey […]

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Glencree Lecture on “The potential impact on British Irish relations in a post-Brexit environment”

On the 14th December we invited Professor Francis Campbell,  Vice-Chancellor of St. Mary’s University London, to give a lecture on the title above.  You can view the text of his speech using the below link:

Prof. Francis Campbell’s Lecture Dec. ’17

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