Professor Padraig O’Malley recently gave a talk at the Inaugural Glencree Annual Lecture held at the historic House of Lords Chamber, Bank Of Ireland in College Green. In his talk he touched on several subjects including issues regarding a United Ireland, mental health in Northern Ireland and Protestant Existentialism. Padraig has kindly provided us with the full text from his speech, available below.

“Majorities in both communities in Northern Ireland agree that life is better than 20 years ago. Overall some 71 percent think so, Catholics more so than Protestants.”

“A report published by World Mental Health in 2012 shows Northern Ireland as having the highest recorded rate of post-traumatic stress disorder when compared with 28 conflict ridden countries across the world, including war-torn territories such as Lebanon and Israel. NI is enveloped in a mental time warp. Not only are accounts of the conflict handed down from one generation to the next, but traumas associated with the conflict distort the attributes of the narrative as they are transmitted in the same way, a phenomenon known as intergenerational transmission of trauma.”

Full Speech Text