‘Glencree Welcomes Refugees’ collaboration with Golf Ireland


The ‘Glencree Welcomes Refugees’ project teamed up with Golf Ireland to host a fun introduction to golf event for local refugees from Wicklow and Dublin. Over 60 people seeking International Protection and Ukrainian Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection participated in the event. Glencree welcomes this collaboration with Golf Ireland in supporting the integration of local refugees, which was supported by the Oblates Order and Community Foundation Ireland.

During the afternoon golf session, held on the Glencree site, participants had the opportunity to connect in a fun and informal group setting as they experienced golf, mostly for their first time. The event also included focus groups hosted by Golf Ireland to understand the participants’ current perceptions and barriers to golf as part of their efforts to make the game more accessible to all. Some participants knew nothing about golf, referencing football and cricket as the main sports they played and more widely accessible in their home countries. Everyone enjoyed the chance to try golf and expressed interested in playing again.

Earlier in the day, some attendees had also participated in one of the ongoing ‘Wellness and Relaxation Sessions’ of the Glencree Welcomes Refugees project. These sessions, facilitated by Glencree Consultant, Patty Abozaglo, focus on self-care and trauma-healing using Capacitar Multicultural Wellness practices.

The collaboration with Golf Ireland follows a recent partnership between Glencree and Sanctuary Runners together with Mountaineering Ireland. Over 40 people of different nationalities, including refugees living locally and across Wicklow, came together at Glencree for a hill-walk in the Wicklow mountains. The aim of the event was to promote solidarity, friendship and respect.

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The Glencree Welcomes Refugees project is delivered as part of our Intercultural and Refugee Programme. This programme aims to make Ireland a more welcoming and inclusive place with respect for all ethnic, faith and cultural backgrounds, by facilitating intercultural dialogues among refugees, migrants, and members of diverse communities. Find out more about this programme here >