Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026

Our five-year Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026 outlines Glencree's commitment to, and framework for, developing and nurturing the conditions and relationships that support peace and reconciled communities in Ireland, within Northern Ireland, between the UK and Ireland, and at European and international levels.

This plan was informed by evidence, experience, analysis and reflection, supported by over thirty interviews with key stakeholders and the commissioning of a research Scoping Study of international peace centres and peace education bodies.

It outlines 5 strategic objectives, an explicit commitment to strong organisational governance and an undertaking to engage in ongoing monitoring, evaluation, learning and review.

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"After almost five decades working for peace, it is gratifying to learn that our reputation remains characterised by non-partisanship, independence, and confidentiality."

Board of Glencree

September 2021


Glencree's Five Strategic Objectives 2022 - 2026

1. Support peace, reconciliation and positive relationships within Northern Ireland, on the island of Ireland and on a British-Irish basis

2. Promote public awareness and understanding of, and engagement with, peacebuilding and reconciliation activities

3. Support positive community relations, inclusion and diversity by engaging and empowering people and groups affected by political or inter-communal conflict

4. Develop Glencree as a Centre of Excellence in practical peacebuilding and learning exchanges for local, European and international conflict prevention and transformation

5. Strengthen and develop our systems, structures, staff capacity and the Glencree site to enhance performance and results

Glencree wishes to thank the Embassy of Switzerland in Ireland for funding the development and launch the Glencree Strategic Plan 2022 – 2026.

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