The Missing Peace – Training Course, Germany


From 18 - 23 July 2023, #TheMissingPeace consortium hosted a training course in Weimar Germany, bringing together passionate and inspiring peacebuilders from across Europe who share the common purpose of building relationships, bridging divides and making the world a more peaceful place.

Over 30 participants, including youth workers, peacebuilders, non-formal educators and 5 members of Glencree’s All-Island Women’s Peacebuilding Network, connected, shared learning and explored different approaches to promote youth engagement in peacebuilding in the 6-day course.

At the outset of the course, trainers led a series of peer-to-peer, experiential and academic inputs to explore cross-pollinating the peacebuilding and youth work sectors. Five youth NGOs and grassroots initiatives joined the event to share learnings from their community-building work. Using roleplay simulations and with input from conflict management academics, non-formal learning approaches and concepts in conflict management and relationship building were also put under the spotlight.

This set the foundations for course participants, who brought together a diverse range of expertise, to work together to design, develop and pilot-workshop a ‘Toolkit’ for youth workers and organisations to use in their local conflict contexts and communities. Key themes explored in this collaborative work included: migration and refugee rights, gender-based violence, practices of sustainable peace and engaging youth in peacebuilding.

Toolkit Workshops
  • Workshop: 1 developed tools focused on human connection - from personal to global - as a foundation principle for youth work in both community-building and peacebuilding contexts.
  • Workshop 2: used ‘Theatre of Witness’ to support storytelling between groups in conflict.
  • Workshop 3: focused on tools for use in school settings, emulating the process of othering.
  • Workshop 4: developed a set of tools that introduce the interconnection of migration and conflict.

Outcomes and learning from these sessions formed part of the Pilot Toolkit that was disseminated among participants at the end of the training course.

Working groups from the Training Course will continue to meet online over the coming months to review progress and develop the Toolkit in advance of our next consortium partner meeting in Cyprus later this year and in preparation for Online Mentorship events that are in planning.

‘The Missing Peace: Youth, Peace, and Reconciliation' is an EU-funded Erasmus+ project managed by Léargas, that aims to build the capacity of youth workers and youth organisations to engage young people, including a particular focus on young women, in peace and reconciliation processes.

The project involves a consortium of partners across 6 countries: the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, Ireland; CGE Erfurt E.V., Germany; CitizenAct, Cyprus; Varėnos Kultūros Centras, Lithuania; EKE Bitola, Macedonia and TE IS Foundation, Hungary.