Glencree participates in DCU Anti-Racism Conference


14/3/2024: The Glencree Intercultural and Refugee programme team took part in the DCU-hosted conference entitled ‘Racism, Antiracism and Forced Displacement: Old and New Struggles’ on 7-8 March 2024 in the Helix at DCU. The team joined academic groups, statutory agencies, Universities of Sanctuary, NGOs and civil society representatives who came together over the two-day event to share initiatives and activities aimed at creating a more welcoming and inclusive society. The conference also put the spotlight on the need to dispel voices of violence and hate, tackle issues at their roots and address racism, prejudices and biased approaches.

Glencree was very grateful to be invited by the IRIN and the DCU School of Applied Intercultural Studies to give a presentation in the session on a Trauma Informed Approach (T.I.A.) to working with refugees and those supporting them. Glencree Trauma and Wellness Consultant Patty Abozaglo presented on the application of the principles of a T.I.A in the Glencree Welcomes Refugees Project using the Capacitar International Multicultural Wellness and Trauma Healing Programme.

Patty used the application of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) T.I.A. principles to investigate whether and how the Glencree Wellness sessions operated effectively for the benefit of refugees, individuals from statutory and voluntary agencies and refugee leaders. She demonstrated some of the wellness exercises such as switching and tapping to the conference audience. She also shared a PowerPoint presentation with visuals, quantitative data, maps and quotes from participants, to demonstrate the impact of the wellness sessions on refugees and those working directly with them in Ireland.

The conference featured many engaging and innovative presentations including one identifying displacement during the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland as a specific harm caused by the political violence. This paper expanded on the impacts experienced by communities across Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, bringing the issue of refugeehood closer to home and also linking in with Glencree’s wider historical peacebuilding work.

The Glencree Welcomes Refugees team also met with sector colleagues from Spirasi, Anaka, the National Migrant Integration Strategy Unit in DCEDIY, Local Authority Integration Teams, the Africa Solidarity Centre Ireland, the NETHATE consortium Symposium and other organisations working to develop innovative approaches to welcoming and integrating those who are forced to flee to seek protection in Ireland newer communities.

The Glencree Welcomes Refugees Project has been supported by funding from the Tomar Trust, the Oblates and the Community Foundation of Ireland. Find out more about this project here >


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