Glencree contributes to ENRS International Forum


Nadette Foley joins panel at 'Migration Societies and European Memory' event

20/2/2024: Glencree's Intercultural and Refugee Programme Manager, Nadette Foley contributed to a panel discussion on 'Migration Societies and European Memory' at the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS) hosted international forum in Berlin in October. This international forum, which was attended by politicians, representatives of cultural educational institutions and actors in the field of historical and political education, explored the current challenges for public history and historical education.

The forum, entitled What’s the point of history… if we never learn?” 'aimed to showcase the diversity of perspectives that serve as a basis for discussing the current challenges for history teaching in public spaces and historical education. During the forum, we wished to focus on a shared conversation about the past and its importance for seeking the truth, peace, democracy, freedom and tolerance, as well as for a remembrance that respects differences, looks for connections and strengthens understanding and solidarity in Europe.' (ENRS)

The 'Migration Societies and European Memory' event, which took place on day 2 of the Forum, was moderated by Laura Balomiri from the University of Vienna. During the event, Nadette spoke about Irish historical and contemporary experiences of the diversification process, approaches to trauma healing and self-care practices highlighting the Capacitar Multicultural Wellbeing Programme, as well as addressing questions on the aim and process of integration. Fellow panelists included Patrick Simon, French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED), Agnieszka Kosowicz, Polish Migration Forum Foundation, Dima Albitar Kalaji, Author, Journalist, wearedoingit e.V., Damascus/Berlin.

A recording from the ENRS event is now available to view:

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ENRS Berlin Forum

Nadette Foley, Manager of the Glencree Intercultural & Refugee Programme addresses the ENRS International Forum.

Glencree's Intercultural and Refugee Programme has begun to engage with issues of de-colonialising museum collections and other archives. Nadette has facilitated visits by leaders from diverse communities to the Ulster Museum in Belfast and the EPIC Museum of Irish Emigration in Dublin to promote dialogue on the fast moving issues around the provenance and acquisition of artefacts from the global south during the colonial period.