Where Community, Art, Nature & Interculturalism Meet: Glencree event as part of Shaking Bog Festival


6/9/21:  “Where Community, Art, Nature & Interculturalism Meet” is the focus of an event to be held by the Glencree Intercultural and Refugee Programme at the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation on Saturday 11 September. Hosted in association with the Shaking Bog Festival which takes place across the Glencree valley this weekend, the event will feature interactive and immersive workshops and activities where participants can explore the intersection of community, art, interculturalism & nature.

Throughout the day,  photography, wellbeing & plurilingual creative writing facilitators will host workshops and guided walks focusing on spoken word, theatre, visual art, creative writing, photography and found art inspired by the surrounds and scenery of Glencree.

Glencree invites you to come walk with us on a journey with friends of the intercultural Glencree community from all over the world via Dublin and Wicklow. Listen to, dialogue with, and create something unique with members of ethnic and faith minorities and majorities as we explore the power of art and nature together.


This event is free to attend but advance registration is essential. To register, please email: sinead.bolger@glencree.ie. Spaces are limited and tickets will be allocated on a first come basis.


Tessy Media – Photography:  Theresa Ehiguese is a Creative Digital Media Graduate from the Technological University of Dublin, Ireland. She specialised in Photography and Multimedia production. Originally from Nigeria but raised in Dublin she works as a freelance photographer. She is passionate about creative direction and has built a varied portfolio of work. Her clients include people in fields such as fashion and music who commission her for commercial photography work. A clean, bold, graphic style has become the hallmark of her work. Which incorporates graphic design, fineart and traditional photography. Her photographic works have been featured in various urban online magazines such as Hot Press and issue 5 of Slight Motif. She aims to collaborate as a creative director with others in Ireland and abroad to produce evermore ambitious work.

Fiona Bolger – Creative Writing:  Poems can be corralled into lists by country, by language, by form. Fióna is interested in those that fall between categories, challenge the existence of formal, linguistic, cultural or geographic boundaries, borders. She launched her first poetry collection, a compound of words (Yoda Press, 2019). She lives between Ireland and India. Her work has appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, Southword, The Brown Critique, The Poetry Bus, The Chattahoochee Review and others. She was a co-ordinator of Dublin Writers’ Forum for 10 years and is a member of the creative team of Outlandish Theatre Platform.

Emilia Marchelewska – Wellbeing:  Emilia Marchelewska is passionate about health and wellbeing. As a Health Advocacy Officer with Cairde, an advocacy organization challenging ethnic minorities health inequalities, she leads Migrant Mental Health and HealthConnect.ie projects. She is also a vice chair on the Board of the CKU Centre for Counselling and Therapy, a Board Director of National Women’s Council of Ireland and a member of Forum Polonia. Her experience includes supporting individuals and communities, engaging with services and policy makers and working with the media. Emilia has MA in Social Psychology, BA in Youth Rehabilitation, Dip in Project Management and Pg Dip in Positive Psychology and Health. She is also an accredited EFT practitioner.

“Where Community, Art, Nature & Interculturalism Meet” will be held at the Glencree Centre on Saturday 11th September starting at 10.30am.

This event is being held in association with The Shaking Bog Festival.

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