Mediation in Practice Series


Mediation Webinars: 4 & 7 December 2023 - Register Now

The Glencree Women's Leadership Programme has launched a new ‘Mediation in Practice’ series, an initiative designed to support and further build the capacity of programme participants and members of the Glencree All-Island Women’s Peacebuilding Network to engage in processes that promote peacebuilding.

The launch of this series follows from the success earlier this year of two 'Introduction to Mediation' training residentials hosted by the programme. Adding to the existing network of experienced and practising mediators, 46 additional women began, or continued, their journey into mediation across the two events.

To kickstart this series which will continue throughout 2024, two of Glencree’s network members will host online webinars for fellow network members in December. These sessions are suitable for programme participants and network members who are both new to mediation or have prior experience in mediation.

Mediation in Practice: Working Towards Consensus
with Eileen Blishen

Date: Monday 4 December, 1 - 2pm
via Zoom

A mediation is a facilitated negotiation. In this webinar, Eileen Blishen will discuss the skills and strategies which a mediator can use to help parties reach a resolution. Whether or not you are involved in mediation, this webinar will be useful to anyone who has to deal with conflict situations.

Mediation in Practice: Understanding Feelings and Needs
with Sharon Crooks

Date: Thursday 7 December, 1 - 2pm
via Zoom

This interactive session will be based on the principles of non-violent communication. It will explore what is behind the words and behaviours people use in conflict, and how focusing on expressed feelings and being curious about the needs that lie beneath can help us resolve our own conflicts, and support others in resolving theirs.

These Mediation in Practice sessions are open to Glencree Women’s Leadership Programme participants and All-Island Women’s Peacebuilding Network members.

Advance registration is essential. Please email Holly at: to reserve a place at either or both of these sessions.