Glencree joins NETHATE conference at Trinity College Dublin


25/4/24: Marking the culmination of 4 years of the NETHATE interdisciplinary research project that brought sociology, legal studies, psychology and neuro-science together in an analysis of the topic of hate, a two-day public consortium conference was hosted in Dublin this week by Trinity College Dublin in collaboration with partner NGO’s including Glencree, and other universities.

Day one of the NETHATE event, which was held in Trinity Long Hall, featured an Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion on Hate to share learnings and insights from the project and working groups. Day two featured an address by peacebuilder and founder of Building Bridges for Peace, Jo Berry. Jo's journey of healing and reconciliation with Patrick Magee, the man responsible for the murder of her father, Sir Anthony Berry, in the IRA Brighton bombing, remains one of the most rewarding reconciliation works.

In 2020, Glencree became an NGO partner of the EU transnational NETHATE project led by Professors Jan De Vries and Arun Bokde of Trinity College Dublin with 10 other universities. This project set out to investigate the psychological, neurological, technological, media, social, and religious aspects of the spread of hated. It also explored mitigation and reconciliation strategies, and the impact on victims and bystanders.

Glencree’s Intercultural and Refugee, and Womens Leadership programmes mentored NETHATE PhD candidates Leda Tortora and Anna Trimborn as interns for specified periods. As part of the collaboration, a series of Glencree hosted events and activities with NETHATE staff and students were also held over the course of the 4 years. These included a NETHATE residential hosted by the Glencree Intercultural and Refugee programme, with support from the Women’s Leadership Programme, for the projects PhD students from across Ireland and Europe last September at Glencree.


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