Peace Proms start 2016 at the Convention Centre


I was at the Convention Centre on 1st January 2016 for ‘the Peace Proms’ and the start of the 2016 celebrations.

The concert, which marked the start of Ireland’s Centenary Programme, included musicians from the Cross Border Orchestra, who were joined by members of the Irish Youth Choir, the Ulster Youth Choir and a 32-county children’s choir, which has been specially formed for this historic occasion.

Over 700 young people from across the island sang, danced, drummed and played across two traditions for reconciliation on this island in an amazing demonstration of enthusiasm, talent and energy.

As Ireland’s Call reverberated around the impressive packed arena, I felt hope and confidence in the next generation to live together well in peace on this island.

As chair of the Glencree Board, I felt it was a good and inclusive start to 2016.

Barbara Walshe