The Impact on Minorities during the birth of the Irish State


A Film Presentation of a discussion involving the Descendants of the Treaty Generation about the impact on Minorities 1921-1923

By Glencree Centre for Peace & Reconciliation at the RIA, Dublin 2

08/5/23: The Treaty Generation Descendant Group and Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation held the launch of a short (25-minute) film in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin 2 on Monday 8th May 2023. The film was edited from a Round Table Discussion on the sensitive and challenging experiences of “Minorities after the Treaty,” and was recorded in the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation earlier this year by descendants of the 1921 Treaty Generation.

In the film, five individuals, Mr Justice Bernard Barton, Dr Ida Milne, Bishop Paul Colton, and Richard Fawsitt who are descended from the 1921 Treaty Generation and are part of minorities in the Republic of Ireland, share their thoughts and experiences with host Will Devas, former Glencree CEO and an invited audience.

The purpose of the Round Table film is to tell the human stories of the individuals, families, and communities, without blame or judgement, in order to better understand their challenging times, some even traumatic in the last 100 years following the Civil War, and to assist with the process of reconciliation on our island now and into the future. They discuss what happened to Southern Unionists, Protestants, and other minorities following the Treaty in 1921.

Short film from the roundtable discussion about the impact on Minorities 1921-1923 with Treaty Generation Descendants Group in partnership with Glencree.

Monday’s event saw introductions to the film by Treaty Generation Descendant Rónán Fawsitt (and one of the core founders of the group), Naoimh McNamee (CEO Glencree) and Pat Hynes (Glencree).

"Whatever we do after the two civil wars on this island, has to encourage healing,” said Pat Hynes, Glencree, “…and it has to be done with agreement and respect, while reflecting all identities on this island."

Following the screening, Turlough O’Donnell (Senior Counsel), hosted the panel with Mr Justice Bernard Barton, Dr Ida Milne, Rónán Fawsitt and Richard Fawsitt. Mr O’Donnell then opened the discussion to the gathered audience for a Questions & Answers session.

Descendants Carol Fawsitt and Tadhg Crowley amongst others spoke movingly about their experiences and the need to learn from the hurts of the past for a better future for all. One of the negotiators of the Good Friday Agreement, Tim O’Connor also paid tribute to the importance and power of dialogue in ending the fear and silence.

To find out more on the Treaty Generation Descendants and their work, please click here.

View full Roundtable Discussion recorded in Glencree, January 2023.
View launch of film presentation held in the Royal Irish Academy, May 2023.



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