Thank you to all of our Fundraisers and Donors

Our sincere thanks to all of our supporters who got behind our 2020 Annual Peace Walk fundraiser. Covid-19 restrictions changed the way we could walk for peace this year and we thank everyone who rose to the challenge and supported us remotely with Your Walk, Your Way. The money you raised will make a meaningful difference to individuals & communities impacted by conflict. With our warm and grateful thanks for your continued support.
From all of the team at Glencree
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Your Walk, Your Way - find out how German Ambassador to Ireland, H. E. Deike Potzel, plans to walk in support of Glencree's peacebuilding work this September.


Monday 21 September 2020 marks UN International Peace Day which calls for 24-hours of non-violence and ceasefire. Normally to coincide with International Peace Day, we hold our Annual Peace Walk on-site at Glencree to help raise vital funds for our peacebuilding work. This year, we are taking a different approach.
Due to latest Covid-19 guidelines, we ask you to support our 4th Annual Peace Walk fundraiser by walking remotely - Your Walk, Your Way.
WALK REMOTELY to help raise funds for our peacebuilding work.

Your Walk, Your Way

Where: Support Us Remotely, wherever you are
When: Monday 21st September to coincide with International Peace Day or a day that suits you before the end of Sept.

Small steps make a big difference

  • Set your date - Monday 21st September or
  • Pick a date that suits you - before the end of September
  • Choose the walk that works for you - find your inner peace
  • Click on the buttons below to make a donation or
  • Start your own fundraising drive

Looking for some inspiration for your walk?

Here are some ideas that remind us of the 24-hours of non-violence and ceasefire called on by the UN on International Peace Day.
  • Walk 240 steps around your garden every day for a week – raise what you can
  • Walk with 3 friends for an hour (240 mins combined walking) – raise €60 each
  • Walk 24,000 steps for peace – raise one cent per step
  • Rally your tribe - start a 24-hour peace walk in your area
  • Go Global – reach out to your friends around the world and Zoom walk together

Find the walk that works for you, find your inner peace

Every step counts on the path to peace. Every Euro you raise helps our vital peacebuilding work.
Pledge to raise €240 (the equivalent of €10 per hour x 24 hours of non-violence) or set your own target.
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Reach out and get the support of your family, friends, work colleagues, book club, football team, fellow cyclists, walking club ... the possibilities are endless.

How We Use The Money You Raise

Your fundraising support will help us continue our vital peacebuilding work with individuals and communities impacted by conflict. This includes our work with:

  • Individuals and groups who have been traumatised by the Northern Ireland 'Troubles'
  • Women from disadvantaged communities, particularly those who experience social exclusion, isolation and marginalisation
  • Migrants, refugees and members of ethnic and faith minority communities to help them integrate into and contribute to Irish society
  • Students and young adults in the area of peace education on a cross border, north-south basis
  • Over 10 war-torn countries around the world sharing our lessons from the Irish peace process
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We need your help to let as many people as possible know about our Peace Walk fundraising drive. We can't do it alone.

  • Send the iDonate link by email to your friends
  • Post it on your Facebook page
  • Share your story and photos (make a Glencree heart)
  • Tag us @GlencreeCentre, #walk4peace

If you need our help to get started on your fundraising

Please email us at info@glencree.ie

Your donation will make a meaningful difference to individuals & communities impacted by conflict.

By choosing to donate or fundraise for Glencree, you are saying YES TO PEACE

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