Scoping Study: Global & International Peace Centres & Peace Education Bodies


Glencree shares findings of Scoping Study on role & effectiveness of key international peacebuilding organisations and peace education bodies

Scoping Study informs Glencree 5-year Strategic Plan

15/4/21: In mid-2020, Glencree commissioned a Scoping Study to assess the work, relationships and collaborations of a range of main actors working in the field of international peacebuilding and peace education. The study, which forms an integral part of a strategic planning process currently being undertaken by Glencree, focused on 14 key bodies in the global peacebuilding arena and examined the factors that contribute to their effectiveness and success.

According to Glencree Chair, Barbara Walshe: “As part of a strategic review currently being undertaken by the organisation, the (Glencree) Board wished to ascertain what we could usefully contribute to global peace, drawing on our experience of thirty years of violent conflict.”

“Glencree is keen to share the findings of this scoping study with the wider peacebuilding and research communities. We do so to contribute to the range of knowledge and understanding of peacebuilding activities and practice and to contribute to the field of peacebuilding and policy. Peacebuilding is a dynamic and changing concept and this scoping paper identifies and raises interesting insights on the nature of peacebuilding in changing geo-political, cultural, social and economic contexts.” Walshe added.

Funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in Ireland, the Scoping Study was undertaken by the Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding (CCDP) in Geneva, with input from external stakeholders and internal Board and staff at Glencree.



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