Podcast: The Glencree Dynamic Dialogue Process


Glencree was founded on the belief that peace can be achieved through the power of dialogue. Through our podcasts, we will focus on the complex subjects of conflict resolution and peacebuilding. We will examine the different types of conflict and how to build a more inclusive society where people of all ages, cultures, faiths and ethnic backgrounds can flourish. We will talk to people whose lives have been impacted by conflict and hear from others who work towards bringing sustainable peace.

Podcast 3: Dynamic Dialogue

In this Podcast we examine the power of Glencree’s dynamic dialogue process in resolving conflict. Barbara Walshe talks to Ian White, Geoffrey Corry and Pat Hynes about how this unique dialogue process evolved, it’s role and impact during the Irish Peace Process and the lead up to the Good Friday Agreement, as well as sharing this process internationally.



Recorded on-site at the Glencree Centre, the Dynamic Dialogue podcast panel included Barbara Walshe, Ian White, Geoffrey Corry and Pat Hynes.

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