Geoffrey Corry


Geoffrey Corry has been an independent dialogue facilitator, mediator, trainer and specialist in conflict resolution for over 30 years. He is a founding member of Glencree (1974) and went on to serve as Chair of Glencree in the late 1980’s. Geoffrey facilitated over fifty political dialogue workshops at Glencree after the ceasefires in 1994 as part of a Track Two contribution to the Northern Ireland peace process. Following the Good Friday Agreement, he facilitated a number of Legacy of Violence circles involving victims/survivors of the Troubles. He has made four visits to Haiti to train teams of facilitators for the local peacebuilding organisation, Lakou Lape. He has also experience of peacemaking in Colombia, Israel/Palestine and South Africa.

Geoffrey was a family mediator for the state-run Family Mediation Service for 20 years; a former Chairperson of the Mediators Institute Ireland (MII) (1999-2002); and a founder of Tallaght Community Mediation, and the restorative justice group Facing Forward. He was awarded the MII Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023.

Recently, Geoffrey has written about his mediation experience in journal articles and chapters. Together with Helena De-Sevilia, he co-edited the book ‘Track Three Actions in Protracted Conflicts: Transforming Political Conflicts From The Bottom-Up’. He is on the Editorial Board of Conflict Resolution Quarterly and has lectured on the Irish peace process at Maynooth University, UCD and Trinity College. He was also awarded a research fellowship at the University of British Colombia (Vancouver) to work on peace process studies.