Nadette Foley

Intercultural & Refugee Programme Manager

Nadette brings over 30 years’ experience in the area of human rights, refugee support, intercultural integration, and inter-faith work. While living in Pakistan in the late 1980's Nadette worked with Afghan refugee communities. During the 1990s she was Director of the Irish Refugee Council, and joined the Board of the Refugee Agency responsible for the resettlement of the Bosnian and Vietnamese refugees. As CEO of the Multi-Cultural Resource Centre - Northern Ireland, Nadette facilitated consultations between minority ethnic and faith groups, and statutory agencies during the introduction of new Equality and Human Rights legislation that resulted from the Good Friday Agreement. She continued her inter-faith and intercultural work with the Jesuit Refugee Service and the Dublin Multi-Cultural Resource Centre in Dublin before joining the team to lead Glencree's Intercultural and Refugee Programme.

At Glencree, Nadette has worked with colleagues and partners from diverse communities to develop intercultural dialogue work with Irish Muslim and African Irish communities to identify the issues of concern to them. She has widened the network of those from diverse backgrounds, including those seeking protection under the UN Refugee Convention, who work with the Intercultural and Refugee Programme. Nadette has also established networks and relationships with statutory agencies, local authorities and voluntary and community groups to engage them in intercultural dialogue work. She has built working relationships with individual artists from many disciplines who facilitate creative intercultural dialogue workshops and produce videos, publications and other creative media. In 2022, Nadette worked with Glencree Board members to design the Glencree Welcome Refugees Project to respond to the increased number of refugees being hosted in Counties Dublin and Wicklow. The ethos and focus of this work was inspired by the refugee wellbeing work which has been developed through the Intercultural & Refugee Programme ‘Hope and Ambition’ Project since 2017.