Pat Hynes

Community & Political Dialogue Programme Manager

Leading Glencree’s Community & Political Dialogue Programme since 2015, Pat brings a wealth of experience from the political arena. Throughout the 1990s, Pat worked with various government ministers in the early years of the Peace Process, later participating in Glencree’s Political Dialogue workshops leading up to the Good Friday / Belfast Agreement. His international work spans over 15 years including participation in Glencree’s Middle East Programme working on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. More recently, Pat acted as Special Advisor to Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in his role as Chairman of the Bougainville Referendum Commission. This role involved working with the United Nations as they sought to bring to a conclusion the Papua New Guinea / Bougainville peace process. Pat is part of the adjunct faculty in Maynooth University where he lectures and works with the Edward M Kennedy Institute for Conflict Resolution.