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Supporting conflict resolution across four continents and five decades.

The Glencree Centre for Peace & Reconciliation is an Irish-based, independent, non-governmental organisation that works with individuals and groups to transform violent conflict, promote reconciliation, build sustainable peace and encourage healthy relationships.

Founded in 1974 in response to the conflict in Northern Ireland, Glencree played an important role in the Irish Peace Process, bringing together those in conflict for confidential dialogue and helping to build relationships across divides.

Our Vision...

...is for everyone to live in peace, in inclusive and equitable societies. We believe in a world where human rights are protected; where diversity is cherished; where all can live with dignity and respect, free from violence or exclusion; where conflict is transformed peacefully.

Our mission is to promote non-adversarial methods of dealing with conflict to achieve sustainable peace. Dialogue, mediation, negotiation and peace education are our tools.

Over five decades, we have assembled a team of world-class mediators, facilitators and educators who quietly and steadily empower and support people on the island of Ireland, and in conflict and post conflict countries across the globe.

Step by step, we help transform violent conflict, heal broken relationships and overcome social exclusion.

Our Values


We encourage the participation of all stakeholders involved in a conflict, voluntarily and without pressure, regardless of their views or past behavior.


We believe that every human being deserves to be treated with equal respect, to have their dignity and human rights upheld.


We act as independent, impartial facilitators. We do not take sides or promote solutions but aid stakeholders in finding their own sustainable solutions to conflict.

Conflict Transformation

We work towards social inclusion, a greater understanding of the complex cause and effect of all forms of violence, promoting fairness and equity, and transforming relationships broken by violence in all its forms.

Gender Sensitive

We commit to raising awareness of, and address, the gendered aspects of conflict and inequality.

Informed Consent

We believe that all who work with, and participate in, our programmes have the right to: full disclosure with regard to the programme and to what end their participation may be used; to take part voluntarily; withdraw at any time and for any reason.

Our Future

An international beacon of hope in conflict resolution

Old wounds opened by Brexit, ‘attack and defend’ politics in Europe and North America, communities embroiled in violent conflict across the world

As the demand for our work grows in other conflict and post conflict countries around the world, we are engaged in developing our campus into an international state-of-the-art centre for conflict resolution.

Our new campus will allow for greater collaboration with governments, diplomats and academics. It will become a hub for members of the local and international peace building community to come together to share learnings, for discussion, reflection and education, and to develop solutions for transforming conflict. It will be a place to welcome all visitors with space for artistic and cultural exhibitions, and to showcase the heritage of the Glencree site.

We thank our Patron, President Michael D. Higgins and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for their continued support as we work to share our unique experience, skillset, heritage and location with other societies nationally and internationally who are struggling with conflict in its many forms.

"The contribution that Glencree has made to reconciliation and the building of positive relationships across the island of Ireland and beyond, is immense and well recognised."

President of Ireland, Mr. Michael D. Higgins, Patron of Glencree

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