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Addressing the Legacy of Violence through Facilitated Dialogue Project


Nearly 20 years on from the signing of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement, Northern Ireland and the border counties remained deeply divided along communal lines. One driver of this is that the Agreement and other subsequent political efforts have proven unable to adequately address the legacy of past violence. This deficit is most acutely felt in the divisive relationship between ‘victims and survivors’ groups and the individuals, groups, and institutions perceived to have inflicted harm upon them in the past. This project will promote and facilitate this contact, and share the learning accrued from this project with a variety of stakeholders.

This will be achieved through a facilitated dialogue approach resulting in meaningful, purposeful, and sustained contacts between people of different communities.


A crucial aspect to this project is the co-design of the process and activities with the key participant groups. Therefore the proposed activities could change.



Enjoy some images from our programme over the past few years