10th European Remembrance Symposium


10th European Remembrance Symposium co-organised by Glencree

Reconciliation: a Long and Winding Path

18/5/22: The 10th European Remembrance Symposium entitled “Reconciliation: a Long and Winding Path” will take place in Trinity College, Burke Theatre from 1 – 3 June. This event of the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS), co-organised with Glencree, will explore the meaning and role of reconciliation in the context of both historical and contemporary European internal and international conflicts and the different models of reconciliation that have occurred in 20th- and 21st-century Europe.

Addressing the multifaceted issue of reconciliation, participants of the 10th European Remembrance Symposium – which includes representatives of governments, cultural and academic institutions and experts from non-governmental and public organizations – will examine the various steps leading to reconciliation and the ways in which events and individuals associated with this process are commemorated. Recalling diverse European experiences of reconciliation practices, the symposium’s participants will try to answer such questions as:

  • Can reconciliation be seen as a unique political event or is it perhaps a long-term process requiring continuous effort?
  • What are the conditions for making or accepting an apology?
  • How can we forgive living perpetrators?
  • Is forgiveness synonymous with reconciliation and what are the conditions needed for a successful rapprochement between states?
  • What role do scientific and educational projects and grassroot local and community initiatives play in this process, and how important is the international context as well as official/political and unofficial initiatives?
  • Can we compare transitions from violence to peace in different countries and what can we learn from failed conciliation attempts?
  • How can we reconcile and not forget and how can we remember without antagonising?

  • Commenting in advance of the Symposium, Glencree Chair Barbara Walshe said: "Over three days, an international group of academics and practitioners from different countries will discuss the importance and role of reconciliation in past and current European internal & international conflicts, including the context of Ukraine. The starting point for the discussion will be the Irish experiences, including those focused on the centenary of the outbreak of the civil war. This symposium will be of particular interest to academics, historians, NGO's and peacebuilders as well as representatives of museums and memorial sites. We also look forward to welcoming participants to our workshops in Glencree as part of the event."

    The symposium aims to facilitate and create new areas of cooperation between institutions and organisations active in the study of 20th-century European history and history education.

    Among the panellists and moderators who will participate over the 3 days are: Prof. Donald Bloxham, Dr Piotr Cywiński, Prof. Yaroslav Hrytsak, Prof. Monica McWilliams, Prof. Valérie Rosoux and Prof. Peter Shirlow.

    Taking place at Trinity College between 1 – 3 June, participants will also have the opportunity to visit the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation campus to learn about the Glencree’s current peacebuilding work and learnings from the Irish peace process.

    The visit will include workshops with the Glencree team in the areas of:

  • Humanising relationships through Political Dialogue 
  • The Irish Peace Process - 24 years on from the Good Friday Agreement
  • Irish Muslim and Irish African Identities in Ireland today
  • Participation of Women in the Prevention of Conflict and Promotion of Peace and Security 

  • The event programme also includes visits to the 'After the Great War: a New Europe 1918–1923' Exhibition displayed in the courtyard of the National Museum of Ireland (Collins Barracks) in Dublin. More information on this Exhibition can be found here>

    Glencree wishes to acknowledge and thank the Embassy of Switzerland in Ireland for supporting our involvement in this event.


    For more information, please contact: Grainne Whitelaw, grainne.whitelaw@glencree.ie