Glencree All-Island Women Peacebuilding Network Evaluation


Effectiveness In Facilitating Collaboration

28/2/2024: Glencree Women's Leadership Programme shared findings from a study into the effectiveness of it's All-Island Women's Peacebuilding Network in an online member webinar last week. The evaluation, which was conducted by Harriet Evens of the University of Winchester, focused on the effectiveness of the Network in facilitating member collaboration with each other and with their existing organisations. This is one of five of the stated aims of the Network which was launched in September 2020.

An initiative of the Glencree Women's Leadership Programme, the Glencree All-Island Women's Peacebuilding Network aims to support women impacted by political conflict/violence to become actors in post-conflict peacebuilding and transformation on the island of Ireland or in their conflict affected country of origin. To date, this inter-generational initiative has welcomed over 200 members from diverse backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and communities. Members come together to connect, build relationships and share their experiences and learnings in peacebuilding and conflict transformation with other women in a safe-space.

Presenting her findings, Harriet Evens explained the evaluation was conducted through the lens of 'Adaptive Peacebuilding' - an approach that has been reflected in the activities of the Network since its inception. This concept and practice by De Coning (2018) encourages communities and individuals with firsthand experience of conflict to actively participate in an organised process to develop peace. It promotes localised peacebuilding solutions, informed by context specific principles rather than external frameworks imposed by international actors. It allows processes in which peacebuilders can regulate outcomes and achievements, reflect, experiment and adapt their activities. The study, which also explored the demographics of the Network, was conducted through focus groups and an online survey of members.

Key Findings

  • The Glencree Women's Leadership Programme has an accomplished and substantial ability to facilitate collaboration between Network members and their pre-existing organisations.
  • Network members actively seek collaborative activities with other members, and those who have established collaborations pursue additional opportunities to do so.
  • Members have established informal friendships and professional collaborations.
  • Members believe all voices should be represented and barriers to collaboration should be addressed.
  • Recommendations

    Respondents also contributed to recommendations to support the ongoing and future development of the Network including to:

  • Develop a communications platform that would allow greater independent ground-level collaboration between members
  • Develop and better define the membership model
  • Establish a protocol for an internal evaluation of the Network
  • Provide more opportunities to interact and incorporate a collaborative evaluation of the Network.
  • "This evaluation not only provides us with clear insight into Glencree’s ability to facilitate collaboration by supporting both formal and informal connections between [Network] members, but also confirms that connections and collaborations between members are sought after by women involved with the network." Harriet Evens
    5 aims of the Glencree All-Island Women's Peacebuilding Network:
    1. Promote dialogue, reconciliation, tolerance and respect across and between communities, identities and cultures.
    2. Support women to identify access to, and to engage in and influence, political processes supporting peacebuilding and transformation in Ireland or in their conflict affected countries.
    3. Support women to engage in policy conversations related to women’s needs and rights in the context of peacebuilding and post conflict transformation.
    4. Facilitate women engaged in the Network to collaborate with each other and with their existing Networks.
    5. Strengthen awareness of UN 1325 Resolution on Women Peace and Security and relevant National Actions Plans, including the Irish National Action Plan; and support initiatives for their greater application in peacebuilding processes relevant to women.


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