We work for peace

We transform conflict by focusing on 6 key programme areas and sharing our expertise internationally. Our Community and Political Dialogue Programme focuses on the legacy of the Northern Ireland conflict providing safe, confidential spaces for inclusive dialogue. Our Peace IV project focuses on the legacy of conflict through dialogue and sustained contact between victims/survivors and those perceived to have inflicted harm upon them. Our Intercultural and Refugee Programme aims to make Ireland a more welcoming and inclusive place, with respect for all ethnic, faith and cultural backgrounds. Our Women's Leadership Programme encourages women who have experienced political conflict to actively engage in political processes that promote peacebuilding. Our Peace Education and Young Adult work connects and engages students and young adults on a cross border, north-south basis. Our Southern Voice for Peace Programme promotes an all-island, civil society approach to lasting peace in Northern Ireland.

Our Core Progammes

February 11, 2020

Women’s Leadership

February 11, 2020

Community and Political Dialogue

February 11, 2020

Peace Education and Young Adults

February 11, 2020

Intercultural and Refugee Programme

February 11, 2020

Peace IV – Addressing the Legacy of Violence Through Facilitated Dialogue

February 10, 2020

Southern Voice for Peace

Our International Work

Internationally, we share our experiences and perspective from the Northern Ireland peace process in over 10 conflict and post-conflict countries.

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International Work