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Members of Glencree’s All-Island Women’s Peacebuilding Network & participants on our Women’s Leadership Programme during a virtual Coffee & Collaboration gathering.


Wednesday 27 March 2024, 1 –  2pm via Zoom

Glencree Women’s Leadership Programme hosts a monthly virtual ‘Coffee & Collaboration’ event for members of the Glencree All-Island Women’s Peacebuilding Network and women involved in the activities of the programme.

This monthly series of events is designed to provide an informal, regular, more convenient forum for women peacebuilders from across the island of Ireland to network, connect and share ideas and their work with like-minded women peacebuilders.

Speaking about the Coffee & Collaboration event series, Amina Moustafa, Glencree Women’s Leadership Programme Manager said:

“We are creating a space for members of our Peacebuilding Network and women involved in our programme to come together informally to build relationships with other women peacebuilders, share their workplans and activities, discuss opportunities for collaboration, and find ways in which they can support one another in their peacebuilding work.”

“The move to online events over the last two years proved invaluable for bringing network members together and, with their feedback, this new virtual initiative provides a convenient, quick, and hassle-free way for our members from across the island of Ireland to come together more regularly. This increased frequency will also give us greater insight into relevant areas of interest for network participants so that we can better support them in their peacebuilding work and activities.”

This event is free to attend. Please register to attend by emailing Amina.Moustafa@glencree.ie.


About the Glencree Women’s Peacebuilding Programme

This event is an initiative of the Glencree Women’s Leadership Programme. This programme aims to support and empower women on the island of Ireland who have experience of political conflict/violence to become active leaders in the political processes that promote peacebuilding. Central to our work in this area is the Glencree All-Island Women’s Peacebuilding Network for women who have been impacted by political conflict or violence to connect in a safe-space. Our network is open to women across generations, communities, cultures and ethnicities who would like to build relationships and share their experiences in peacebuilding and conflict transformation with other women in this space. Network members can also take part in our events and activities designed to support women in having their voices heard in policy conversations and peacebuilding processes relevant to women.

If you would like to join the Glencree All-Island Women’s Peacebuilding Network, please email Amina on: amina.moustafa@glencree.ie

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